Would you like to build more engagement, trust and likability in your business? Industry-leading photographer Esther Marie places dog and equine wall art in business environments. Research shows it can have a tremendous positive impact on clients, patients and employees.


 Building trust and likeability, strong one-to-one relationships with clients and employees is crucial for a successful business.  I help create client trust and likability with artwork that sparks conversation, improves employee engagement, and creates an inspiring working environment. Conceptual dog and equine wall to match your business needs – placed in their environments. 


I work uniquely with many types of business owners from insurance, hospitals, law firms, hotels, and animal businesses. The one thing these industries all have in common is the desire to create a business that connects, engages, and builds positive relationships. 


Research has shown that having dog and equine wall art in business environments can have a tremendous positive impact on clients, employees, and patients. Whether it is employee pride or customer interaction there are proven wellness benefits that convert into productivity and staff loyalty within the business.


I will create wall art that matches your brand and ethos. Your artwork can be created from my catalogue or from your own employees, sponsors, patients, or clients’ horses and dogs. Catered to your individual business, this artwork sparks engagement, fun, and conversation with your clients and staff. As an additional bonus, the artwork you choose will also be available in digital form for you to use on your website and any printed promotional material.


Prices start from £1500 per room (depending on the room size).

For more information, you are invited to book a phone consultation with Esther. You can chat about your needs further. 

Dog wall art by esther Marie Photography displayed in a business office.


Amazing experience from start to finish!

Really recommend five stars.

Julia Hardy


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