Beautiful artwork inspired by horses and the landscapes in which they dwell.

Esther Marie is a fine art photographer and mixed media artist who creates emotive fine art photography. Inspired by the beauty of the horse and the natural world in which they dwell. She explores the emotive reactions and sense of freedom that these magical creatures gift their human companions. 

Photographing animals and the natural world is a way of life for award-winning photographer Esther Towler. She, for most of her career, has dedicated her time to photographing horses and other animals. She creates expressive photography and  mixed media photo-encaustics full of emotion, connection and texture.

Esther’s considered approach toward her subjects and artwork allows her empathy and understanding of horses to shine through creating sought after artwork which simply speaks for itself.


We use beautiful archival fine art papers displayed in frames, books, and original photo encaustic artworks.  Her Limited edition photography can be seen at exhibitions at various times of the year and by private appointment at my studio gallery.

As well as working on projects for exhibitions, books, print sales and commercial art, Esther Marie also loves working with people who are passionate about fine art photography by providing help and support with regular  workshops.

Horses also inspire Esther’s photography on many levels with my work capturing all their beauty and grace. This has extended into animal advocacy. Working alongside animal charities – ACE, HAPPA and the RSPCA – Esther is proud to have created artwork to raise awareness for animal welfare issues.


Esther Marie Fuelled by coffee.


  • I live off coffee, I’m a bit of a night owl If you walk passed my studio in the early hours, you’ll probably see me busy editing or creating my art work. 
  •  Throughout the year, I’m often found wandering over moors and hillsides stalking semi-wild horses with a camera in my hand or rolling around in the mud at varying locations photographing horses! If you should meet me, I’m a little unkempt with hay in my hair, mud on my shoes and more often than not a plentiful supply of lens wipes, crackly plastic bags and shakers falling out of my camera bag, but loving life as a horse photographer!

  • When I’m not photographing you’ll find me running or horse riding in the beautiful Pennines near where I live or watching a good series on Netflix!
  • I couldn’t live without my friends and family, my dogs and my camera. I spend a lot of time with my animal babies and nothing makes me happier than laughing with my friends and family. 


“I have always loved horses since I was a young child, sadly I never had the opportunity to learn to ride and as an introverted child, I never dared to try. A few months before my 30th birthday, I plucked up enough courage and booked some riding lessons, fulfilling a burning desire to learn to ride a horse – I was hooked!!!

The more time I spent with the horses, the more I wanted to capture their beauty, grace and everything I love about them. Being a professional photographer alongside with my love for horses, I guess it was inevitable that my two worlds collided harmoniously. What I didn’t initially realise is how horses can trigger and heal such deep emotions. Still, to this day, I can be caught off guard at the way horses bring out my inner self.

Being the type of person who has perfected the art of masking my anxieties; I really wanted to explore how their emotional intelligence and sensitivity can help, leading their human companions to a feeling of empowerment on many levels.


Horses have certainly helped me grow as a person and have inspired the creation of my fine art photography. The sound of thundering hooves and feeling the vibration on the ground, never fails to move me. I really hope you can appreciate and feel my passion for these inspiring creatures.”


I love to create beautiful fine art prints of my work and I really enjoy using the expressive mixed media technique photo-encaustics. Photo encaustics adds another depth to my work. I love of the texture and colours that the medium creates.



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