I have been a professional photographer for many years, I absolutely love creating photography which means everything to my clients. I know how important these images I create are to them.

Because of this, all my fine art frames, print boxes and albums are handcrafted by master craftsmen, the very best professionals in the industry which are only available to professional photographers within the UK. All my Fine Art Giclée prints are archival print quality which means they will last in excess of 100 years. This gives me the peace of mind that as my photography work becomes more valuble to my clients as the years go by.  My photography will last a lifetime and give many years of happiness to each generation as time goes by.

Prices start at £135 and all my wall art, albums and print collections are delivered with print ready digital copies of your choosen prints.As a guide, most people spend on average between  £650 – £1900. We have a range of beautiful art work for all budgets. 

After your photography session my goal is to provide you with beautiful photography, work of the highest quality presented using archival fine art printing papers; leather bound, individually designed albums and bespoke framed photographs all hand crafted in the UK by master craftsmen and printers. This is to ensure that your photography will last a life time for you and your family to enjoy through each generation.

Most people spend on average between  £650 – £1900 we have a range of beautiful art work for all budgets.

SIgnature WALL art 

Our signature wall art is available TO be DISPLAYed AS archival, bespoke handcrafted FRAMEs or FLOATING CANVASes each wall art comes with a digital copy of your chosen image ready to print.

  • Prices start from £345

    for a Small- 16x12 (glass size) inch frame





Prices start from –  £495




Signature Photography collections

My Signature Photography collections are are wonderful way to own multiple photographs that you love and cherish. Each 12 x 8 fine art print is printed on archival printing paper by professional printers available only to professional photographers. ensuring your prints will last for, at least a 100 years and are hand mounted then displayed in a beautiful engraved wooden box which includes a USB of print ready digital copies of your chosen fine art prints.

Prices start from -£1200

for TEN beautiful 12x 8 mounted fine art prints displayed in a beautiful large wooden folio box  with ten print ready digital files on a USB key 


 The Little Studio collection

my Little studio collection is a lovely way of displaying small but very SPECIAL, photographs in cosy corners of your home and they also make a lovely gifts for a loved one.

a Fine art Print folio starts from –  £249

for two 6 x6 inch fine art prints, mounted and presented in a handcrafted folio. 


What is archival printing ?

ArchivalPrints” are Museum-quality Fine-Art reproductions. Sometimes called “Giclee Prints“, these artworks are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using the very finest archival inks and papers. They  have a style and finesse loved by artists and photographers but more importantly are created to last a lifetime. ensuring you will enjoy your art work for many years to come.

What is archival framing?

You have invested in beautiful photography with Esther Marie and we want you to be able to enjoy your artwork for a life time. So buying  cheap frames and mounts to sell to our clients is something we do not do.  This is because cheap mounts, mounting boards and non-archival ways of mounting the artwork put acidic materials in contact with the artwork. Eventually — even within a few months — acid begins to migrate into the artwork to age and discolor it. 

Our frames are handmade in the UK  by master craftsmen ensuring  you have art work that lasts a lifetime. Below is a description of how your frames are created.

Museum archival framing uses 100% cotton rag as matting material, the colored space between the piece itself and the frame. Besides protecting the work from being close to the frame, it also protects the work from being too close to the glass which can have adverse effects such as condensation. The mounting hinges (invisible attachments between your art work and the backing board) are made of Japanese paper with natural wheat or rice paste used as the adhesive.

The conservation glass used in such framing filters out between 97 to 99% of ultraviolet rays, which protects the work from fading as well as scratching. In addition to possessing all of those materials, the frame  has an acid-free paper dustcover stretched across the back. This prevents dust particles and tiny insects from gaining access to your art work.

What is a photo- encaustic?

Photo- encaustics,” is a lovely mixed media technique that uses beeswax and damar resin as a medium to create mixed media photography. The “caustic” part of the term indicates that heat is used to melt and blend the layers of wax into a unified piece. The end result is a one of a kind art work filled with texture and  depth which will be a talking point in any home.

Do you sell individual digital images?

We dont sell individual digital files as we wish to provide beautiful artwork which will last a life time. So we made the decision to only provide digital files once you have purchased beautiful wall art or print collections plus, we also provide  screen only copies of any wall art purchased for use on social media accounts. This ensures that Esther Marie’s photography is seen in its best possible form.

What is a copyright licence and why do I need one with my digital files ?

The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 states – copyright of a photograph belongs to the person who took it.
This means that clients may only use photographs taken by a professional photographer in ways that have been agreed at the time they were commissioned. If further uses are required at a later date, permission must be sought from the copyright holder and an additional fee agreed. The difference between owning the copyright and having the images under licence is how the images may be used. Under UK Law, it is the photographer who will own the copyright of any images he / she has taken and it is illegal to use an image without a granted licence or rights. When images are supplied under licence it means that the photographer retains the copyright but licences the client to use the images for a specific use.


We would love to hear from you, and if you do have any questions at all before booking, please do feel free to give us a call on 01706 846714



” What an absolutely amazing lady Esther is!! She was fabulous from start to finish!

She is so dedicated to what she does and it shines in all her work.

Her passion for photography is beautiful”

Abby Beech



+ 44(0)1706846714

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