Because an authentic photograph is worth a thousand words.


 Do you run a business within the equine or pet industry or are you a professional rider?

If so you will know that creative marketing is key to your success. However, you will also have experienced how incredibly time-consuming and challenging it is to create engaging content and photography with which to populate your social media accounts.

The demands of running of your business together with managing the relentless demands of successfully marketing it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and with little time left for family, friends and your own horses. Often the most challenging element of your content marketing is creating the images – you know what message you want to portray but finding an image that reflects that is not always so easy.

Consumers are marketing savvy and they know a stock image or a staged photograph when they see it; the key to building trust with your customers is authenticity. An authentic photograph, which captures the essence of who you are, is worth a thousand words. Through this type of image your audience will get to know, like and trust you whilst also falling in love with your brand.

A personal brand photography session with Esther Marie will give you 60, 90 or unlimited days of authentic social media/website images professionally photographed in one session.

  • You save time with 3 months of social media images created in one session
  • Authentic photography will help grow your brand and followers on social media
  • Your photography will resonate with your ideal customers and will allow you to engage with them more
  • No more time spent trying to create photographs to fit with your marketing messages, or, even worse, tailoring your marketing messages to fit the photography you have available
  • You can align your business and personal brands seamlessly
  • You will have peace of mind that your brand is presented as a true reflection of everything you value 

12 month subscription Personal Brand photography packages start from £875 per session (x4) A deposit of £1300 is required when booking followed by 11 monthly payments of £200. This includes planning, a pre-session meeting, your life style photography session and 60 images allowing you to have 60 business days of photography for your social media/website every quarter for the next 12 months. All Packages also Include:- Unlimited Social Media Cropping- High resolution images for print/ promotional use and a commercial usage License.

Individual Brand photography is priced at £995 per session.

Esther only works with a limited number of clients each year to ensure that every client gets her full undivided attention resulting in the very best professional photography. Should you wish to schedule a Skype call to find out more about personal branding, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment to secure Esther’s services.


 Esther only works with a small limited number5 of clients per year to ensure each client gets her full individual attention and the best professional photography.

Should you wish to book a Skype call to find out more about personal branding and discuss your requirements please don’t hesitate to book an appointments to avoid disappointment.

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    “ Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively.

    Every time you post a photograph or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.”

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    Beautiful portraits celebrating you, your animal and the connection you share.


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